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Are you in need
of transportation?

Are you in need
of transportation?

Are you in need
of transportation?

Nurse Management EMS

provides EMS services to the Houston and surrounding area. Established in 2005, NMEMS has years of transportation experience in the community. With state of the art equipment and a fleet of ambulances, we can provide fast and reliable transportation. Rather you need transportation to your appointments, the hospital and ER, or to a clinic NMEMS is able to accommodate your needs. Let us know if you are in need of any special equipment or if you have any other transportation requests.


  • BLS/ ALS/ MICU transfers

    All of our Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance units are staffed by two Texas State Certified EMTs who maintain care during transport. The Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) ambulances are staffed by at least two Texas State Certified EMTs; one who is higher level and capable of caring for patients with higher needs. We may provide IV therapy, ventilators, or EKG monitoring and other intensive care needs.

  • Local and long distance transfers

    Our units can be quickly dispatched around the Houston and surrounding area. For long distance transports, please call in advance to make necessary arrangements.

  • Special equipment

    If you need special equipment such as an IV pump, ventilator, or EKG monitor please advise us before the transport. We specialize in pediatric care.

  • Ground Transportation to Air Ambulances

    We provide ground transportation services at all Houston and surrounding airports.